Taipei Exploration Meeting, Dec 15-16 2011

In 2011, the PIRE-ECCI was obtained additional NSF funding to explore a partnership with IAMS-NTU (Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica) in Taipei, Taiwan. The workshop will bring together PIRE-ECCI scientists from the US and Germany with Taiwanese scientists in Taipei, in December, 2011. We expect the outcome will be concrete ideas for joint projects that complement PIRE-ECCI’s existing international research portfolio, and provide even more opportunities for graduate students to experience international research collaboration.

Workshop date: Dec 15-16, 2011

PIRE-ECCI faculty from UC Santa Barbara, the Fritz-Haber Institute (Berlin) and the University of Göttingen will meet with the students and faculty from the Advanced Materials and Surface Science group of IAMS and from National Taiwan University. The workshop will include faculty presentations, a tour of the IAMS/NTU facilities, and discussion time to brainstorm potential collaborative projects.

PIRE-ECCI Meeting Participants

Susannah Scott, UC Santa Barbara
Peter Ford, UC Santa Barbara
Eric McFarland, UC Santa Barbara
Michael Gordon, UC Santa Barbara
Steve Buratto, UC Santa Barbara
Liming Zhang, UC Santa Barbara
Baron Peters, UC Santa Barbara
Dan Little, UC Santa Barbara
Trevor Hayton, UC Santa Barbara
Alec Wodtke, Uni-Goettingen
Luca Ghiringhelli, FHI-Berlin
Ricardo Mata, Uni-Goettingen
Claus Ropers, Uni-Goettingen

Download the Workshop Program HERE or visit the host website for more complete information.


Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica

The meeting will be held (and jointly sponsored by) at the IAMS center, which is located on the campus of National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan.

NTU campus map
The IAMS is located on the NTU main campus. Directions are listed below.

Travel & Lodging

Travel by Air

Participants will travel by American carrier (economy class, round trip) to Taipei International Airport (TPE). Travel costs for UCSB participants will be funded by the PIRE-ECCI.


Lodging will be at the Leader Hotel in Taipei.
Tel: (02) 8369-2858
Add: No. 83, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei

Travel by Ground

To Taipei City from the airport: You can take a bus from the Taipei International Airport to Taipei City or get a taxi at the airport to Taipei. The fare is about 125 NTD for bus and 1,200 NTD for taxi.

NTU can be reached via MRT at Gongguan Station, or by city bus: #0-South, 1, 109, 207, 208, 236, 251, 252, 253, 278, 284, 290, 311(YongFu Line), 505, 52, 530, 606, 642, 644, 648, 660, 668, 671, 672, 673, 675, 74, 907, Songjiang Main Line, Dunhua Main Line, JingMei-RongZong Express Bus, B12, G11 at MRT Gongguan Stop and #0-South, 109, 207, 253, 280, 284, 290?311(YongFu Line), 505, 52, 642, 668, 671, 675, 907, Songjiang Main Line, Dunhua Main Line, G11 at NTU Main Campus Stop.


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