Dalian Information

PIRE-ECCI: Science Crossing Borders.

Dalian is a port city in the northeast of China, at the middle of the Liaodong Peninsula across the Yellow Sea from Korea. It is a tourist destination for the beaches and beautiful surrounding scenery, much like Santa Barbara in California. Dalian is a relatively small city (by Chinese standards) with a population of about 6 million people. It is an important industrial and scientific city, and features a milder summer climate compared to Beijing or Shanghai. It is often cited as the most beautiful city in China, and has been rated as one of the most livable cities in China as well.

Beach and city views near the hotel where US participants are housed for workshops in Dalian.

Zhongshan, or Friendship Square in central Zhongshan district in Dalian.

Student life in Dalian

Apartment in Dalian
Living area in the student apartment in Dalian
Bedroom in Dalian Apartment
Bedroom area in Dalian student apartment.
DICP building
DICP Campus.
XRVs in the lab
Sam Fleischman and Rob Savinelli, two of the first ever XRVs, in a lab at DICP with student Guang Jing, who was able to do a reverse XRV in Santa Barbara later that year.
DICP basketball court
There is a large basketball culture on campus at DICP - some visitors have gotten to play on teams in Dalian.
Night Scape
The nightlife in Dalian is not only beautiful, but very active.