International Advisory Board

Our panel of advisory board members serve as a checking point for the goings on of our program. They are appointed to help steer the direction of the program and narrow the focus of research and implementation. Each year, the panel will meet at the end of the summer workshop in Santa Barbara or Dalian to discuss the events of the past year and how and what changes need to be made to keep the program at its strongest and most productive.

Jens Norskov
Director and Professor of Theoretical Physics
Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design (CAMD)
Technical University of Denmark

Dr. Norskov received his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from the University of Aarhus. He post-doc'd at IBM in Yorktown Heights and returned to his homeland where he is now Professor of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark. He has made essential contributions in theoretical surface science, nanostructures and materials properties, heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry and fuel cells and in the development of theoretical methods.

Johannes Lercher
Department of Chemistry
TU Munchen

Johannes A. Lercher, born in Vienna, Austria, doctorate degree in 1981 at the TU Wien, visiting lectureship at Yale University, lecturer and Ass. Professor at TU Wien. 1993 he was appointed as Full Professor at the Department of Chem. Technology of the Univ. Twente (NL). 1998 he moved to the Chair in Chemical Technology at the TUM. 2003 he declined an offer from the Humboldt University Berlin. Author of 260 papers and 10 patents, member of several editorial boards of catalysis related journals.
Enge Wang
Dean of the School of Physics
Dean of the Graduate School
Peking University

Enge Wang graduated in theoretical physics from Liaoning University (1982) and obtained his PhD in condensed matter physics from Peking University (1990). He started his academic career in 1995 as a professor at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and prior to this he was an exchanging student, a postdoctoral fellow, and a research scientist at Princeton University, Institut d’Electronique, de Microelectronique de Nanotechnologie (France), and University of Houston. He was the Director of the Institute of Physics (CAS) (1999-2007), the Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics (2004-2009), the Executive President of Graduate University of CAS (2008-2009), and the Deputy General Secretary of CAS (2008-2009). Since 2009, he is the Dean of School of Physics and Graduate School, Peking University.
Tony Cheetham
Goldsmiths' Professor of Materials Science
University of Cambridge

Dr. Cheetham obtained his D. Phil. at the University of Oxford in 1971 and was a member of the Chemistry faculty at Oxford from 1974-91. In 1991 he moved to the University of California at Santa Barbara to become Professor in the Materials and Chemistry Departments, and, in 1992, Director of the newly-created Materials Research Laboratory. He was the director for the International Center for Materials Research at UCSB until he moved to Cambridge in 2007 to accept the position of Goldsmiths' Professor of Materials Research.